I’m here to help individuals and teams who are ready to create change…big change. We won’t work incrementally—we’ll go for the stuff that really matters.

Wake Up!

Wake Up!

During my 25+ years in the nonprofit sector, I have seen great strategies go unused, compelling data be ignored, and superior staff and board members go under-utilized—all because leaders are not awake.

What does it mean to be awake? It means understanding where you excel, and creating space for that excellence to shine. Being awake means knowing enough about yourself to manage your blind spots, ask for support and development when needed, and lean on the skills of others appropriately.

Be Curious

Be Curious

Curiosity is the cornerstone of my coaching—I’m always curious to understand why, and will push you to be curious as well. Curiosity comes without judgement or meaning attached, but is simply a window through which to get a better sense of yourself, your actions, and your visions for your work and life.

Embrace Change

Embrace Change

Our professional lives can be filled with challenges and obstacles—as well as openings and opportunities. Understanding our perspectives on these issues, as much as the issues themselves, is what sets great leaders apart. Choosing perspectives that help you move forward rather than staying stuck is the biggest factor in creating significant and positive change. I bring a fierceness to my work with clients—I’m not here to help you stay where you are, but to help you create the change you’re craving.


As a coach, I can help you:

  • Determine what you really value and create change accordingly.
  • Develop strategies for professional stamina, particularly in social justice and helping professions. It’s a marathon and not a sprint and I’m here to provide you with the concepts, strategies, and tools that help you run the whole way.
  • Come to greater self-understanding, and develop tools for self-management in difficult situations.
  • Create a plan and give you the tools for you to move forward in leaps and bounds.

Getting Started

The first coaching session with me is always free, and takes about an hour. Please contact me to schedule your complimentary session. You will access insights and learning even in one session, and there is no obligation to continue.


One-on-one executive coaching—structured by phone to fit seamlessly into your day, individual coaching provides customized concepts, strategies, and tools to help you create the big and lasting change you’re craving in your personal and/or professional life.

Team Coaching

High-level and change-focused coaching for teams complemented with individual coaching for team members. This extended, whole-team approach creates an opportunity to build a high-functioning and fun team.

Retainer-Based Coaching

Retainer Coaching is for organizations that want to provide high-quality and consistent resources to stellar employees, or who need support for employees who are struggling. Organizations willing to make commitments to employee growth and development are able to retain employees longer, have greater job satisfaction among employees, and typically have a much more productive workplace.


I offer both 2-hour and half-day workshops within organizations. These courses are customized to fit the needs of your employees and teams. Key elements of coaching are utilized to build an environment for exploration, creativity, joy, and inspiration. Courses include: Intentionality in the Workplace; Team Dynamics; A Change in Perspective on Work.



I am a professional coach located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a singular focus on creating big change for individuals and organizations in the nonprofit sector.

I come to coaching after working with nonprofit organizations for more than 25 years, where I have seen even highly dedicated people get burned-out, struggle to implement good strategies, and face challenges in managing their teams. I’m ready to change that dynamic.

Great change is possible when we live and work from a place of integrity, when our deeply held values drive what we do and how we do it.

Working with me won’t be boring—and it will make a difference.


  • Ph.D., M.A., Social Ethics, University of Southern California; All University Predoctoral Merit Fellowship; Presidential Fellow, The USC Leadership Institute
  • Bachelor of Arts, English, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.; Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society; George F. Baker Scholar


  • Executive Coaching Training, Coaches Training Institute
  • Member, International Coach Federation
  • Rockwood Institute Art of Leadership Training
  • Leadership Training, Dominican University of California
  • Grantmaking School Training, Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy
  • Core Capacity Assessment Tool certification, The TCC Group
  • Facilitative Leadership Training, Interaction Institute for Social Change


As a coach, Julie achieves the rare balance between offering support/empathy and pushing/nudging/provoking. Her approach allows the mind to participate creatively, which in turn allows the emotions and feelings to reveal and heal themselves. In my work with Julie, I’ve taken good and made it better and turned great into wonderful. - Anne C./Fortune 500 Company
Clearly, Julie's credo is to ``teach a woman to fish,`` as she imbued in me practical strategies that I could apply independently, reinforcing my own leadership and decision-making capabilities. I would recommend Julie above others because of this style of coaching: one that recognizes the competence, decision-making skills, and intuition of her clients, and uses creative activities to call upon them as needed. - Emmy D./Early Childhood Education
Julie was phenomenal in helping me to slow down and stop spinning through all my proposed solutions to my current dissatisfaction. We uncovered what really matters to me and, from there, built a vision of what I want in my professional life. I felt moved by Julie's ability to connect my professional dissatisfaction to themes in my life as a daughter, a woman, and a mother to a daughter. This sophistication, coupled with her warmth, allowed me to access insights about my goals as a mother. Without Julie’s insight, I never would have seen the connection to my professional challenges. So I am growing on multiple levels at once. - Eliza P./Nonprofit legal services


Please contact me to learn what type of customized approach I can create for you. The first coaching session with me is always free. Get ready for big change!